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  • 344598327 Райское местечко для отдыха. И хижина имеется
  • авто2 Интересно, а в районе каблука есть пассажирское сидение?
  • 30 Современно выглядит робот
  • abb85_aw2fyp Вот это авто выглядит просто космически. Встретив такую на дороге, взгляд невольно задержится.
  • tn Ну и папаша. Ребенка как куклу носит


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Lady Gaga - Poker Face - Parody ("Outer Space")

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Загружено: . Добавлено: 18 Октябрь 2010.


Please comment, rate, favorite and subscribe for more home-made celeb parodies. http://www.vprincess.com

This song "Outer Space" is now available on itunes! http://bit.ly/girlitunes
Also you can buy a hard copy of it. The first 250 sold will be personally signed by me. :-)
You can buy it here: http://store.dftba.com/product/video-girl

The sunglasses, head orbiter, and mirror mask are all hand-made. (I'm an arts & crafts nerd.) :-P

*And in response to the comments about the way I sang this: It was not suppose to sound good. I was playing an eccentric, odd alien. It was not making fun of Lady Gaga's voice though, as I know she sings well. But this is a PARODY of her extraterrestrial self. If you want to hear me sing a song as myself, here is a clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DQm74bvdYc

I actually really respect Lady Gaga and really love her music. So this song was a fun spin on her outrageous style... which I actually admire about her.

Special thanks to Steve, the super talented guy that composed, arranged, and performed the original music in this video. Please check him out at:

Lyrics & vocal melody written by me. I also sung, edited, and played all of the characters except for
The aliens and robots.

  Copyright © 2013 "Весь Мир" +16