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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha - Happy New Year 2011!

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Загружено: . Добавлено: 11 Январь 2011.


We, the developers of Lost Alpha wish you the love of friends and family... and peace within your heart in 2011. We had a little delay, and surely everyone is waiting for the new year video, we hope it will please You.

For those, who want to compare our video with old GSC's E3 2004 video, don't forget, that GSC-s presentation video was made for only a presentation, and was not suitable for ingame playing. When you finished some task, eg: kill the 3-merc at the barn, it started a sr_cutscene with camera movement, stopping actor's movement, and spawning npc (with the same mesh as actor) in front of actor with anim (to equip hand radio and use it)... the same when car arrives.

This looks nice for a presentation video, which demonstrates what you can do in game, but according to us, its useless gig for a gameplay video, where you will have low chances to stop at the same position, or to kill the enemies in the same order, then everything is f*cked up. Not to mention there is no other way to remake these events, since you cannot force actor to play anim, this was not implemented into the engine. And spawning and removing npcs in front of the player looks bad, if you are not doing it just for a video, where you can cut out the not neded parts.

And finally, our trailer was not made without a reason. Keep in mind, that we have real low resources, and we wouldnt spend days on recreating a video just for fun. Its actually a storyline mission in LA (still wip).

You can also download the video in avi format:

Don't forget to visit our ModDb site, where we hidden some screens too:

Also we posted news on russian language here:
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